Monday, April 6, 2009

Sardines and Sundaes, anyone?

We've been invited to join Joyful Servant's Sardines and Sundaes middle school youth event Friday, April 17th from 7 to 8:30. The plan is to play a sardines, which is a version of hide and seek for a while, then finish with ice cream.

I'm supposed to be hosting a scrapbooking retreat at that time (Lea, Denise, are we on??) but I'm pretty sure I could sneak away for an hour or so, but I'd like to send another chaperon along to help with set up and clean up, and just be there the whole time to help out and get a feel for how things go with the mixed group. Anyone want to volunteer before I start picking on ppl? ;)

Laura, their youth leader, wants a headcount by the 15th, so if you could at least check with your kids and thier schedules ahead of time so we know who can go, that would be great!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Next time....

I think I will go ahead and make a policy that we won't have youth the evening after a sleepover. Granted, the five of us (three kids, Julie and I) had a lot of fun playing hide and seek (thank goodness we big ppl have keys to give us an advantage!) But it was kinda silly that after all the kids said they wanted to still have youth, the only kids that came were the ones that either were not at the lock in, or didn't spend the night. And I was exhausted, I was very thankful AB and KN had already committed to doing the lesson, so I didn't have to do much prep this week. (AB did a great job running the lesson, and as a bonus it tied our lesson time from the lock-in right together with the day's confirmation lesson!)

As a side note, I was in confirmation class so I can pass along the info to you here, there will be NO confirmation on Palm sunday. But there WILL be confirmation both sundays during spring break. Julie and I decided to keep our youth schedule intact, so we will still not have youth on the 22nd, but we will on the 29th. BTW, if you know you will be missing one or either of the confirmation classes, please let pastor know so he can plan accordingly. For that matter, it's always nice when I know what to expect at youth group, too! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Youth Mentor Schedule

This should end up in the Messenger and weekly bulletins, but I figured I may as well put it here, too.

March 15--Julie
March 22--NO YOUTH
March 29--Rose & Bob

April 5-- Mark
April 12-- NO YOUTH
April 19--Jean
April 26--Noragon

May 3--Julie
May 10--NO YOUTH
May 17--Banta
May 24-- NO YOUTH
May 31--Bonnie

June 7--Rasmussen
June 14--Jones

Family Meal Schedule

If your kid regularly stays for Youth group, help out by signing up to bring a meal now and then! (up to $20 reimbursement is available, because even just the time to grab a pizza is a great help!)
Pick an empty space or two and leave a comment with the dates you'd like me to sign you up and I'll fill this in as I can! (and don't feel bad about leftover empty spaces, I just buy frozen pizzas for them!)

You're only feeding about 10 ppl at this point, please absolutely no peanuts or ingredients with peanut oil, thanks!

March 15--Jensen
March 22--NO YOUTH GROUP (Spring Break)
March 29--

April 5--
April 12-- NO YOUTH GROUP (Easter)
April 19--Jensen
April 26--Noragon

May 3rd--Julie
May 10-- NO YOUTH GROUP (Mother's day)
May 17--Banta
May 24--No YOUTH GROUP (Memorial day)
May 31--Jensen

June 7--
June 14--

We need to discuss summer plans, I'll do that on another post soon.

BTW, if you need to reference this again, over on the right side of the page, in that column of stuff that's always there, there is a "blog achive" that lists the posts by title, so you can always look there for the "Family Meal Schedule" post.

Lock-in this saturday, don't get locked out!

In case your kids forgot to mention it (or have been absent) we've got a lock-in this Saturday, at 6:00 at the church. Dinner will be provided, games are scheduled, and we'll be focusing on what we really need in life, and who provides for those needs.

I'll have permission slips in the kitchen if you need one. (or more, friends are welcome) Please bring:
--a snack to share (NO PEANUTS!)
--sleeping bag
--pjs (school dress code please)
--toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.
--church clothes!

We'll be awake and ready in time for sunday school and church. I've got choir, so I may need to have a couple parents take extra kids in their pew during the service if their folks don't attend our church. Thanks!


Denise and I have been discussing parent communication tools. We had thought about a newsletter, then I thought I could just use the messenger, but I realized I'd like to be able to communicate more frequently, plus a blog format allows discussion in the format of the comments section below. Certainly two way communication is always better than me talking at you all the time! So watch this blog for scheduling, info on events, and general ramblings of your friendly local youth director. :)