Monday, March 16, 2009

Next time....

I think I will go ahead and make a policy that we won't have youth the evening after a sleepover. Granted, the five of us (three kids, Julie and I) had a lot of fun playing hide and seek (thank goodness we big ppl have keys to give us an advantage!) But it was kinda silly that after all the kids said they wanted to still have youth, the only kids that came were the ones that either were not at the lock in, or didn't spend the night. And I was exhausted, I was very thankful AB and KN had already committed to doing the lesson, so I didn't have to do much prep this week. (AB did a great job running the lesson, and as a bonus it tied our lesson time from the lock-in right together with the day's confirmation lesson!)

As a side note, I was in confirmation class so I can pass along the info to you here, there will be NO confirmation on Palm sunday. But there WILL be confirmation both sundays during spring break. Julie and I decided to keep our youth schedule intact, so we will still not have youth on the 22nd, but we will on the 29th. BTW, if you know you will be missing one or either of the confirmation classes, please let pastor know so he can plan accordingly. For that matter, it's always nice when I know what to expect at youth group, too! :)

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